kayla headshot.jpg

Kayla Turnage-Owner and Stylist

Kayla has been working to perfect her creative color skills, extensions, updos, and Bridal styles since graduating from the Paul Mitchell School Columbia in 2012. Kayla is a caffeine addict, only able to start the day once a big mug of coffee is in her hand. She can be described as a hopeless sarcastic with a fantastically dry sense of humor.  Kayla has been lucky enough to be a part of the hair team for both Columbia Style Week and Charleston Fashion Week, giving her a chance to show off her talent while continuing to build her skills and learn from other fantastic stylists from all over the southeast. Kayla has a special spot in her heart for weddings. This inspired her to start a side-hustle in 2017 called Pretty & Pinned that focuses entirely on bridal hair and make-up. When she’s not elbow-deep in hair color, Kayla can be found covered in kitties, debating whether it’s early enough to start putting up Halloween decorations (spoiler: it’s never too early) or watching Netflix with her hubs.

lydia headshot.jpeg

Lydia Catherine-Owner and Stylist

Lydia graduated from the Paul Mitchell School Columbia in 2012. She fell in love with the art of hair styling after spending years cutting her own. Lydia loves to take a traditional hair style and bring it to life by adding texture, layering, and geometric lines. Though anyone who sees her work may beg to differ, she doesn’t see herself as much of a creative type. Instead, she sees herself as more of an editor: someone who takes a raw idea and works to perfect it, which makes sense, since Lydia loves to combine multiple techniques of barbers as well as stylists to create a fresh, unique look. On top of cutting and styling, Lydia offers a wide array of color services including basic colors, brights, foils, hair painting/balayage, color correction and semi-permanents. Lydia was home schooled her whole life, and grew up on a farm, giving her a special connection with horses and spends as much time as she can riding and taking care of them.


Hailey Thome-Stylist

Hi, I'm Hailey and I want to make you beautiful. Well, more beautiful than you already are! Whether it means dip-dyed purple tips, Rory Gilmore-esque front bangs (they are making a comeback, I swear) or fresh foiled highlights, I'm your lady. When I'm not snipping hair you can catch me drinking coffee, eating brunch, or knocking people on their ass. Literally. I'm captain of the Richland County Regulators roller derby team. I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School Columbia in 2015 and have been doing hair ever since.